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Saturday, May 22, 2004

Helloooooooo! I am still here and since its such a unreasonable time of night and I am awake there's just one thing to do.

Dance the Polka!!!! No no update my sadly neglected Blog. Ah well, many things have happened and as such I will start from scratch. Whats been going on with Rob in the last few millenia.

Well I was Born, grew old . . . .
grew a bit older . . . . . . . . .
went to work more than I really enjoy and got engaged to a wonderful girl called Helen.

Now we've caught up I can say what I have done this week which is not much. I went to the marriage preparation course on Wednesday with Helen and despite being a bit scary to start with seems Ok. We got a book on which this course is based and so it all seems fairly familiar after reading the book though it makes me think about things which is good. I seems to me that most of the stuff is common sense but what will all the failed and unhappy marriages in the world it would appear that many people entering into a marriage would benefit from such a course.

Ali and Helen will probably be incredibly shocked that I have posted as I have been meaning to for ages but have not gotten round to it. lets hope I am awake at 2am more often.

Just been to see Van Helsing. It is a fairly good film though I could see it having the same effect on me as League of Extraordianry Gentlemen. Which was after the first watch I liked it and by the third I could not stand it. Which is a shame since I bought it on DVD thinking it looked fairly good and my Sister and her Boyfriend raved about it. Though my Sister likes some really bad stuff and so does Jonathan her boyfriend so its my fault for listening to the odd people.

Anyway. . . . blogging has had the desired effect and now I am sleepy.

See you soon.

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Well then, this is a turn up for the books and no mistake me laddie.

I am engaged to Helen. I have wanted to ask her for a while now.

Though we had only been going out for five months we had spent many, many hours online talking about five months before that. We know everything about one another and everything I learn makes me love her more.

I decided to ask on Saturday. We went to the place we first met at Ali's suggestion (I wanted to take Helen out somewhere nice on the spur of the memoent but did not know where to go). We had a lovelly meal and then we started talking about how we felt.

I had to ask her then and there.

Now I am in shock :). The wedding is set for Sept next year - I cant get any more specific than that yet.


Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Nooooooo! I wrote a really long Blog and it died. Ah well. Whats been going on? Things things and more things.


Sunday, October 26, 2003

I'm Still in existance and now I have some important information to impart. . . .information that could well change your life forever. . . . . information about . . . . . . .GRASS !!!

Part 1 - The Hole

Francois came to slowly. Pain filled his limbs. He must have jarred every bone in his body. He got to his feet unsteadily.

20 feet above him was a round hole that let daylight in to this dark hole. It had let him in as well earlier in a terrifying moment of the ground sliding away beneath him and then falling, falling.

The light that came through the hole fell in a circle around Francois and he could not see what lay beyond but with a mind numbed with fear and his legs aching he limped off into the darkness.

Stay tuned for Part 2. Trust me - there will be Grass mentioned.

Hmm well I have been doing a great deal recently. I worked nights in Leeds the week before last and drove back to Leicester each day (apart from Thursday night) because I wanted to see Helen.

Last night I went to the birthday party of one of the people from Church. It was an all you can eat chinese. It was very nice I can tell you. Although I dont normally like *real* chinese, this was good. My usual chinese food consists of a Beef Curry, Fried rice, Chips. So it was interesting to try new stuff. Sweet & Sour I dont like though.

On Friday night we went round to Phil & Emma's house (More friends from Church) and played Car Wars. Despite a slow start and a catastrphic crash ;-) it was good fun. Its a game played on a board or map and it has lots of rules. I've played similar things before so I got into it quickly. Ali took a little longer to get into it but she was having fun. We started the game too late so we did not get the chance to finish it. . . . I was the only victorious one with my car totally wrecked, maybe that was not the condition of victory. . . . who cares I won ! :-) In my head. Reality can go and do something interesting to other people. . . . . .

*Insane Laughter*

Bye for now. . .

Monday, October 13, 2003

Wow well I'm still in existance. . .I have to wait ages before I Blog or I dont have anything to talk about. . . Not that that seems to stop some :-)

I have been really busy over ther last few weeks with work and loads of other stuff.

Most notable of which was realising I was a Christian. . eeek run for the hills. Well I never thought it would happen to me but ever since going to church about a month and a half ago I have been trying to come to grips with the things that have been happening in my life. The fact that I do believe and the fact that Its not a one way thing as I had always believed in my pre Christian days was amazing. I know Jesus exists and he loves us all. For anyone reading this and being undecided about going to church I recommed going just to see what the fuss is about. If you do I really hope you find what you are looking for. I know I did. Enough scary stuff. . . . If anyones still reading now . . . .

I went to Helens Brothers 21'st Birthday party in Southend the week before last. Both Ali and Helen have Blogged about it. It was really fun though after the karting I was left with several bruises, whiplash and a nagging sensation of being last but I'm sure I did much better and the last thing was all a bad dream. I met Helens Grandparents on the Sunday with several other relations/family friends for Johns birthday. They all seemed very interested in me and seemed to be checking me out. This was not entirely unexpected but it was *slightly* harrowing ;-) They were all nice people, even the scary aunt.

I spent last week visiting Ali and friends after work to keep myself from moping around too much at Helens absence. This week I have to work a night shift in Leeds which is a shame. . . . but still I will wander over to visit Helen in a bit before I have to go (about 2pm).

I decided to stop playing SWG so much as I thought doing something creative would be an idea.

Anyways I have to go . . .work called about some disaster down south which now seems to be abating without my intervention.

See you soon.

Saturday, September 20, 2003

So then. Its been ages. I am still in existance. What have I been doing over the last month? Well loads of weird hours at work late shifts, working one Sunday and such.

I have been to see the Pirates of the Carribean which was very good.

I have been not seeing quite so much of Helen lately . . . .well over the last week or so since she has had to finish her dissertation. She has done so now but she has to go on a Dig for a week in . . . . well I did say where it was but she calls it a secret dig so I have taken it out. I will miss her a great deal.

I am taking her there on Sunday and helping her set up her tent. She does not like the idea of spending the week away camping and I dont really blame her but I hope she has a good time with lots of strange archaeologists.

I have been playing SWG (Star Wars Galaxies) and have gotten into it. I had said it was boring but its really because I did not have any time to devote to it. Since not seeing Helen quite so much recently I have been playing it and it is quite good. I have gotten quite far and have called Han Solo "Rebel Scum".

I have to be careful not to let my Blog turn into a Helen zone because it could quite easily do so. Simply the is the best thing ever to happen to me and she makes me very happy.

Enough of that now ;-)

Hmm I went over on Thu afternoon and looked after Ali and Helen because both of them were ill. They had Chicken soup . . .a medicine by all accounts.


Monday, August 25, 2003

I feel the need, the need to Blog. So then, I went to Helens Birthday party yesterday. Helen's parents were there, her brother and a few friends. We went to Leicester north Station around 1:30 in a couple of cars. . . I was driving one and took a couple of wrong turns which was not so good since the other car was following me, that was driven by Helens brother. Why they followed my I dont really know since they had both maps with them. I had Mark in the car as well who as you will probably know is now a policeman so I had to be careful ;-).

We had a good time riding on the steam trains and wandering around the Loughborough station seeing the trains from Thomas the tank engine come and go. After a little while we got back on a train and headed back. John (Helens Brother), Mark and Ali started an impromptu game of rounders on the train involving a water bottle and some rolled up paper.

We then drove back to Ali and Helens house. Ali went off to provide transport to some friends she should have been 20 mins but took a very long time and we were worried for her. This was when she had her shunt with another road user. Well we all have these things from time to time. While this was going on I was watching the Grand Prix which they had taped earlier. Helen, Mark, John and Helen's father are all avid watchers of F1 and I was subjected to a full GP. It was *wonderful* ;-) well I did not fall asleep so thats something.

We had a barbecue and afterwards her family and the other friends left. It was just me, Mark, Ali and Helen. We had all been given party bags which had bubble-stuff in them (well thats what I used to call it) I had not blown bubbles like that for years. . . . what with me being 28 and ancient. It was good fun.

Mark took it upon himself to blow bubbles at Ali who was sitting in a corner glaring at him. I though it might be an idea to arm Ali with a water pistol to see what would happen. . . . . well the result was interesting. Mark ended up thoroughly soaked. Ali said we ganged up on her in the water fight but its more like me and Ali ganging up on Mark then Ali and Mark ganging up on me. Helen quite wisely stayed out of the whole thing. . . . .Ali only got ganged up on when she tried to attack me with a jug of water and some frozen peas. Whenever I tried to disarm her she would attack with something new. ;-) Including shaving foam. I was not an easy target however. The wrestling that happened later on was interesting between Ali and Mark I found myself being a judge. . . . . well rather a judge than being sat on, as is what was happening to Mark quite a lot.

It was really late and I could see that Helen was tired so we ended the contest until a later date. Though I will always be on my guard for Ali still may have a score to settle with me.

Stay tuned for the next thrilling installment. . . . .