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Saturday, September 20, 2003

So then. Its been ages. I am still in existance. What have I been doing over the last month? Well loads of weird hours at work late shifts, working one Sunday and such.

I have been to see the Pirates of the Carribean which was very good.

I have been not seeing quite so much of Helen lately . . . .well over the last week or so since she has had to finish her dissertation. She has done so now but she has to go on a Dig for a week in . . . . well I did say where it was but she calls it a secret dig so I have taken it out. I will miss her a great deal.

I am taking her there on Sunday and helping her set up her tent. She does not like the idea of spending the week away camping and I dont really blame her but I hope she has a good time with lots of strange archaeologists.

I have been playing SWG (Star Wars Galaxies) and have gotten into it. I had said it was boring but its really because I did not have any time to devote to it. Since not seeing Helen quite so much recently I have been playing it and it is quite good. I have gotten quite far and have called Han Solo "Rebel Scum".

I have to be careful not to let my Blog turn into a Helen zone because it could quite easily do so. Simply the is the best thing ever to happen to me and she makes me very happy.

Enough of that now ;-)

Hmm I went over on Thu afternoon and looked after Ali and Helen because both of them were ill. They had Chicken soup . . .a medicine by all accounts.