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Saturday, May 22, 2004

Helloooooooo! I am still here and since its such a unreasonable time of night and I am awake there's just one thing to do.

Dance the Polka!!!! No no update my sadly neglected Blog. Ah well, many things have happened and as such I will start from scratch. Whats been going on with Rob in the last few millenia.

Well I was Born, grew old . . . .
grew a bit older . . . . . . . . .
went to work more than I really enjoy and got engaged to a wonderful girl called Helen.

Now we've caught up I can say what I have done this week which is not much. I went to the marriage preparation course on Wednesday with Helen and despite being a bit scary to start with seems Ok. We got a book on which this course is based and so it all seems fairly familiar after reading the book though it makes me think about things which is good. I seems to me that most of the stuff is common sense but what will all the failed and unhappy marriages in the world it would appear that many people entering into a marriage would benefit from such a course.

Ali and Helen will probably be incredibly shocked that I have posted as I have been meaning to for ages but have not gotten round to it. lets hope I am awake at 2am more often.

Just been to see Van Helsing. It is a fairly good film though I could see it having the same effect on me as League of Extraordianry Gentlemen. Which was after the first watch I liked it and by the third I could not stand it. Which is a shame since I bought it on DVD thinking it looked fairly good and my Sister and her Boyfriend raved about it. Though my Sister likes some really bad stuff and so does Jonathan her boyfriend so its my fault for listening to the odd people.

Anyway. . . . blogging has had the desired effect and now I am sleepy.

See you soon.